Boys & Girls Crew

365体育投注Boys & Girls Crew – 2018/2019 School Year

365体育投注Knox Crew seeks to promote competitive sculling/sweeping by providing student-athletes with the opportunity to train for competition at all levels. The goal of the team is to become more competitive at larger, national-level regattas. Crew requires individual responsibility to fitness so that the team, as a whole, may become stronger and more successful. All team members should contribute to each other’s progress and success by developing a disciplined work ethic, striving for more self-discipline, building on improvements made though consistent daily effort, and maintaining a consistent desire to achieve greatness. Motivating each other and working together builds a stronger crew!

365体育投注Knox owns high quality rowing equipment including racing shells, carbon fiber oars, and cox boxes. The team owns coaching launches and engines. When using equipment, students are responsible for proper use and care of all equipment.


Thomas Barry
Aaron Bogart
William Daddino
John Kosak
Hunter Lacy
Yuansong (Henry) Li
Alejandro Lopez Ortega
Casey Maloney
Mateja Markovic
Qin (Bill) Mingjan
Giovanni Pugni
Constantine Tassiopoulos
Nuh Tastan
Tsai (Peter) Tsan-Yang
Artem Veriuzhskii
Cai (Francis) Xuanhe
Hoayan (Harry) Yang
Jihyun (Alex) You
365体育投注 Yifei Zeng

Shuo (Cathy) Chang
Faith Curth
Thanh NGan (Jenny) Dang
Isabella Halpin
Wen Sun (Mia)Hui
An Tran
365体育投注 Zhen Zhen (Monica)Yu


Liam Daughty, Head Coach
Arieanto Sutrisno, Assoc. Head Coach
Gregory Diggins, Asst. Coach

365体育投注Falcon’s Crew practices in the Stony Brook Harbor, a waterfront oasis on the campus of The Knox School.


No Games Scheduled


No Scores Reported


Knox Student Breaks World Record!

Jihyun (Alex) You set a new World Record on February 27, 2019 on the Concept2 Indoor Rower with Slides.